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We are a fruit and vegetable importer, exporter and wholesale business. We specialise in ginger products.

We have brought together a team of professionals whose expertise lies in farming and in import, export and wholesale trading.

We specialise in producing products to meet our customers’ needs, especially those of international businesses.

We have setup GEP in partnership with the farm that produces our ginger products. This enables us to have better control of the supply chain between the farm and the wholesale customer. With no middle man, we can ensure that the product is customised to meet every client’s requirements. We are pleased to say that we can deliver fresh ginger and ginger products direct from the field.

Our dedicated team are experienced and are passionate about food health and safety. We aim to meet the highest standards in the UK and Europe.

By working directly with the producer we can deliver a high quality ginger product for both large and small customers.

Whatever your ginger requirements are, GEP can help.

Here at Green Earth Produce Ltd your peace of mind is assured with every purchase.

  • EU standard ginger
  • Organic ginger
  • Ginger powder
  • We are your online ginger consultants
  • More products to follow

We are your online Ginger Consultants

Ginger direct from the field

EU Standard Ginger
Organic Ginger
Ginger Powder
Along with all of our fruit and vegetable products